Great article, great information! I'll be forwarding this to everyone in my email address book. I've been using the corn-based biodegradable bags, but will definitely be looking into flushable bags. Thanks for the education (and all your research behind it - impressive!), and for making the article so readable; I love the charts at the end -- they are a great visual summary.
Can't wait to read my next subscription update! Charlene

Check out The Powerloo - For What dogs doo!

seems to take care of the disposal method once and for all. Outdoor flushable toilet system. What a great idea!

I had heard from a Heal The Bay rep. that flushing dog waste down the toilet also poses the same kind of parasite issues in streams, rivers and oceans that cat waste does, so I think the best way to dispose of it is to compost it.

I'm curious if you have gone to speak with your water treatment center about the flushable bags?

When I took students to our treatment plant on a fieldtrip, the technicians told us NEVER to flush anything except poo, pee, toilet paper and maybe soupy food gone bad (no meat or non mushy chunks). No dental floss, condoms, sanitary napkins, diapers, etc., which they claimed to get a lot of. It blocks the system.

In some coastal places, the water waste is shot into the ocean without proper treatment...people should be petitioning their government to change this, not just compost your dog/cat feces.

Go check out your own waste water treatment plant and find out how it works and what they can handle. If enough people talk about it, maybe they will treat for pet parasites (which are likely in our crap anyway if we have pets and pet them).

This is the second time I've been to your site. Thank you for explaining more details.

As for flushing the waste, one thing you did not consider is to simply carry and use standard toilet paper to pick up the poop, then drop it in the toilet, and flush. This is the easiest and most environmentally friendly approach of all.

I would be interested in info on flushing (and flushable bags). I have 2 large dogs (95 lbs and 75 lbs) so the above suggestion of using toilet paper wouldn't be an option. When taking my dogs for a walk it wouldn't even be feasible to pick up and carry their size feces in my hands with toilet paper let alone sanitary.

I handle god waste with a paper towel and a plastic newspaper bag. I put my hand in the bag , cover the waste with the paper towel and pick it up with the bag covered hand. I then invert the bag so the waste is inside the bag. Then I tie a slipknot in the bag so I can carry it by the loop.i carry the bag home, pull the loop out of the slipknot, shake the paper-towel cover waste into the toilet and flush. The plastic bag goes into the plastic recycle bag and is recycled. Enjoy. Just keep an eye out for holes in the bag.

I might of missed this point some where but i wanted to mention if you have a septic system you may not want to flush the waste. Dog poo has hair and ash in it which can clog your drains or cause your septic to fail. Might wanna check what you have so no problems come from it. Here in Inverness Fl almost everyone has septics. Also check the capicity of the system if its a septic. Just double check. Good luck!

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