Wow - VERY informative! I thought our household of two was doing a pretty good job on this subject (using cloth napkins and cloth dish towels for years, with minumal use of paper towels), but this article has inspired me to do more; I never gave the toilet tissue and hand tissues much thought, but now I will. Thanks! (We shouldn't forget that the empty tubes from the toilet tissue and paper towels can be recycled, and can also be used for a variety of handy tasks around the house-- holding rolled up extention cords, is one example).
Note: An interesting topic for a future article would be creative and pratical ways to reuse all the other kinds of paper in our homes (like envelopes, greeting cards, unwanted copies made on our printers, magazines, etc.). I'm sure everyone would have some great input on that!)

After trying both brands pictured in the article I'd like to share my experiences. The Seventh Generation paper towels were very tough to tear-off of the roll without loosing a huge chunk of the corner. They also had a stiff feeling, but they got the job done. The Trader Joe's recycled paper towels are much softer and easier to tear off. PLUS I love the select a size option of getting a 6" small sheet when that's all you need...less waste!

How be we simply replace bath tissue consumption with an equally convenient, superior hygienic and wholly sustainable alternative such that tress can mature to absorb carbon and replenish oxygen. We must do this eventually because population growth, increased life expectancy and aspirations of emerging economies only increase deforestation and non-recyclable forestry utility

Thanks for sharing the 100% recycling tissue paper Recycled paper does not need re-bleaching; NO toxic dioxin and chlorine.

I think it is efficient if the people of western country use the water in the place of tissue paper.

Wow, I better go for those recycled paper tissues then. I didn't know I was contributing to the destruction of the environment.

Even if recycled paper is a bit more expensive, I'll use it to help with the environment.

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