Frequently Asked Questions and Additional Information.

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What are your products?

High quality products that are practical, economical and result in a healthier environment.  Our current product lines focus on re-usability to eliminate waste.  They include produce bags, grocery bags, general purpose tote bags, straining bags, silicone food covers and silicone baking mats.

How are they tested?

We personally test and use all of our products before making them available for sale.  If you have any questions about our products or how best to use them, please contact us.

Where are they made?

Our reusable bags are designed in California, manufactured in India of cotton grown there and packaged & shipped from California. They are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified.

Our silicone kitchen tools are made of platinum grade silicone in Italy by Silikomart, a premier European supplier of silicone baking molds and accessories.  They are carefully tested and fully FDA and CE compliant, and packaged & shipped from California.

WHAT IS "GOTS" Certified?

All of our organic cotton products are certified according to Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).  This standard stipulates requirements throughout the entire supply chain for ecology, labor conditions and social responsibility.  The supply chain includes growing, harvesting, spinning the yarn, weaving/knitting the fabric, and sewing the bags to create a finished product.

What does it mean to be green?

Being green is not a binary choice like yes/no, it's more complex than that.  There's a broad range of ways to make a difference and some easy things can have a big effect.  That's where we like to focus, being the "most" green in a feasible way.

Do you Walk the Talk?

We try our best to minimize the negative environmental effects of getting our products to you (as much as possible):

  • Shipping from manufacturing via sea, the mode of transportation with the lowest carbon emissions
  • Reusing shipping boxes
  • No retail packaging - we pull from bulk and custom pack every order to minimize waste
  • Using recycled paper and cardboard products for shipping to customers
  • Using recycled printer paper for packing lists and business materials
  • Recycling everything that can't be reused

Your BLOG?

An informative conversation reviewing topics that we're very passionate about.

why Articles?

A journal of our research and experiences in finding ways to be more eco-friendly.  The information and recommendations are based on our identification of high impact practices and products.

Recipes on a products site?

One of the biggest ways that we negatively effect the environment and our health is the food we consume.  The Recipes section provides eco-friendly and healthy recipes that everyone can easily make.