Frequently Asked Questions

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Where are your products made?

We design all of our reusable bags ourselves from our headquarters in Northern California. They are then manufactured in India from locally grown cotton and natural jute, and the facility dedicated to providing high-quality goods while maintaining safe working conditions and guaranteeing fair wages. All the packaging & shipping is done in California, and goes straight out to you! 

Our silicone kitchen tools are made of 100% pure platinum food grade silicone in Italy by Silikomart. They are a premier European supplier of silicone baking molds and accessories, who power their facilities with renewable energy and are committed to sustainable practices.  They are carefully tested and fully FDA and CE compliant, and packaged & shipped in California.

What Does "GOTS" Certified Mean?

All of our organic cotton products are certified according to Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).  This standard stipulates requirements throughout the entire supply chain for ecology, labor conditions, and social responsibility.  The supply chain includes growing, harvesting, spinning the yarn, weaving/knitting the fabric, and sewing the bags to create a finished product. Basically, they’re as environmentally friendly as can be!

Are You Fair Trade Certified?

Our GOTS Certification cover the rights of workers in farming and manufacturing, which is most commonly expressed to consumers through Fair Trade.  Currently, the Fair Trade Organization does not have a certification for our type products, as they mostly focus on the food and clothing industry. Our GOTS Certification guarantees the fair treatment, safe working conditions, and just compensation for workers involved in the full harvesting and manufacturing supply chain for our cloth bags.  This certification includes requirements such as providing safe and hygienic working conditions, living wages, and regular employment, while banning child labor, discriminatory practices, and harsh or inhumane treatment of workers.

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Do You Wholesale Products?

We want our products to be as affordable as possible, so we sell directly to consumers. We do sell our products to select organizations, farms, markets, and stores that specialize in zero waste and natural goods. If you have an inquiry about bulk ordering, please contact us directly for further information.

Can You Do Custom Printing On Bags?

We can do custom printing on select bags and styles of images, logos, and designs, which are typically used for advertising or promotional purposes. However, we do have limited capabilities for designs and quantities, so if you have an inquiry about custom ordering, please contact us directly for further information.

Why Did My Bags Shrink In The Wash?

Most of our bags are made of unprocessed, unwashed cotton, which means that they may shrink a bit after the first wash.  However, any of the mesh and string bags will stretch right back out again after using. To minimize shrinkage, we recommend you wash any bags on a cold water cycle and hang them out to air dry, as opposed to tumble drying. Otherwise, you now have a mini-version of the bag.

Isn’t Silicone Just Plastic In Disguise?

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While they do share some similar qualities, no, silicone is not plastic. Food grade silicone, like the kind used in our silicone baking tools, is made of sand (silica) while plastics are made from petroleum.  Our 100% pure platinum silicone products are nontoxic, heat proof, and extremely durable, and can replace hundreds if not thousands of plastic alternatives in their lifetime. Silicone is much safer to use than plastic, as plastic can leach harmful chemicals into foods and drinks, whereas silicone does not. And while only some plastic is recyclable, and degrades quickly, pure silicone is almost infinitely recyclable without the quality degrading.

How Sustainable Is The Company?

We try our very best to minimize any negative environmental effects as a company, especially when getting our products to you. All of our large-scale shipping is moved by ships, as this is the mode of transportation with the lowest carbon emissions. Most materials we receive from shipping are either reused and repurposed, composted, or recycled. We NEVER use excess packaging in storing or shipping products, and all packaging is either reusable, recyclable, or compostable. 

Will You Have [BLANK] As A Product Soon?

Our company always has tons of new ideas and products in the works, but we would love to hear what is important to you! If you’re curious about a product or an idea, send us an email, we would love to know what sort of eco-friendly products you’re looking for.

Didn’t Find What You’re Looking For?

No worries, just send us whatever questions you have, and we’ll do our best to answer it right away!