Homemade Apple Chips

This very simple process requires nothing more than slicing apples, dipping them in lemon juice and placing the slices on a tray.  The sweet apple fragrance will fill your house with a wonderful aroma.  It’s a fun autumn weekend project with a football game or cooking show on the TV in the background.

Ron Czinski
Roasted Garlic

Updated June 2014

Roasted garlic is a flavorful and healthy ingredient that is great in sauces, soups and appetizer spreads. It can add great flavor to low fat and vegetarian recipes. A favorite is roasted garlic mashed potatoes.

Pesto Pasta

Updated June 2014

It's easy to make this fresh pesto pasta from scratch in about 20 minutes. Apply your own creativity to "jazz up" the basic basil pesto recipe with additional tasty ingredients.