Organic Canvas & Jute X-Large Tote & Grocery Bags

Organic Canvas & Jute X-Large Tote & Grocery Bags

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  • Our most Eco-friendly bag (see why below)

  • X-Large size, volume is 33% greater than a paper grocery bag (14" wide x 6" deep x 14" tall)

  • Organic canvas front and back panels, single piece Jute sling forms the sides and bottom

  • Blank bag is ideal for home & school crafts projects and custom decorating on the natural cotton panels

  • Padded cotton webbing briefcase style handles for very comfortable hand carrying

  • Heavy-duty construction for added strength & durability

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Product Details - Our Most Eco-Friendly Bag

Organic Canvas & Jute X-Large Tote & Grocery Bags are made of 55% organic cotton canvas and 45% jute (burlap).  Jute is a rain-fed crop that does not require irrigation, chemical fertilizer, or pesticides. Organic cotton does not allow chemical fertilizers or pesticides but does have an irrigation requirement.  Since our natural canvas panels are unprocessed, water is spared in washing and dyeing. Jute and organic canvas fibers are also completely bio-degradable and recyclable, making for a very environmentally friendly product.

Jute is known as the “The Golden Fiber” for both its natural golden silky shine and for its importance as a sustainable crop. Plants are grown in warm and wet monsoon climates, during the monsoon season of the Ganges Delta in India and Bangladesh. Fibers are stripped from the bark of the plant and dried. Cultivation takes around 120 days, so it is a highly sustainable crop. Jute is second only to cotton as the most used fiber in the world, due to its affordability and ease of cultivation.

Made in India, the durable 11 oz. organic cotton canvas panels are certified according to Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) for ecology & social responsibility.  Jute, as a natural native plant, has not been exposed any highly toxic pesticides, fertilizers and processing chemicals, but it has no official organic certification standard. This bag is a great low cost alternative to synthetic fabric bags. Polyester, nylon and polypropylene fabrics are made from oil, NOT natural, NOT sustainable and NOT biodegradable.

Care Instructions

Organic Canvas & Jute Grocery Bags are made of heavy weight canvas and Jute and will last for many years. Spot cleaning of the jute and canvas panels with a wet soapy cloth and flat or line drying, is the recommended cleaning method.  DO NOT WASH, BLEACH, OR IRON.

Use Tips

BOTTOM SUPPORT:  A rigid bottom support will help keep bottles and heavy items in place and allow the bag to stand much easier in your car or on the counter. To make one, cut a piece of heavy cardboard to the size of the bottom (approximately 14 inches by 7 inches) and place it into the bag at the bottom. It also helps keep the bottom clean; when it gets worn and dirty, recycle it and replace it with a new one.