Organic Cotton Super Duty Canvas Tote & Grocery Bags

Organic Cotton Super Duty Canvas Tote & Grocery Bags

from 14.95
  • Available in Natural Cotton with 4 accent colors

  • Extra large size with double canvas bottom, double top hem, dual solid and mesh front pockets and magnetic snap closure

  • Prewashed unbleached natural canvas bag dyed canvas double bottom, top hem and padded handles

  • Padded briefcase style fabric handles for comfortable carrying by hand or on your shoulder

  • Sold as single bags and 3 packs by each color

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Product Details

Our Super Duty Tote Bag is built for longevity, comfort and extra carrying capacity. The size is bigger than most comparable totes at 22" X 18" X 8" when flat; bottom size is 14" X 8" when open. The body is designed using a single panel of heavy-duty canvas to form the front, bottom and back, so there is no bottom seam, a common bag weak point. We have added a second canvas panel in the accent color to form a double layer bottom for super strength and durability.  22 inch long, extra-wide handles are ideal for both hand and shoulder carrying. The padded 6 inch grip section gives a comfortable briefcase feel in your hand and padding on your shoulder. A strong magnetic snap closure allows you to close the top, while maintaining the full opening capability that is often limited with zipper top closures. There are dual front pockets, the main pocket is solid canvas while the top pocket is organic cotton mesh fabric, providing visibility to the contents.

These extra large heavy-duty totes make great everyday carrying bags, reusable shopping totes, reusable shopping bags, travel totes, boat totes, camping & picnic bags and much more!

Made in India of heavy duty 12 oz. organic cotton canvas, certified according to Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) for ecology & social responsibility.  Since they're made of organic cotton they bring additional benefits to the environment and our health by avoiding the highly toxic pesticides, fertilizers and processing chemicals used in regular cotton crops.  Beware of cheap synthetic fabric bags. Cotton bags are natural, sustainable and biodegradable. Polyester and Nylon are made from oil, NOT natural, NOT sustainable and NOT biodegradable.

Product UPCs    Black - 766150287622   Blue - 766150287639   Green - 766150287646   Red - 766150287653

Care Instructions

Super Duty Tote Bags are made of heavy-duty canvas that will last for many years. They are easy to care for by washing them in COLD water and flat or line drying. Both the natural and color canvas has been prewashed, so shrinkage should minimal at less than 5%. To minimize wrinkles after washing stretch the bag out by pulling and smoothing the fabric with your hands when the bag is wet. Fold it flat on a towel and air dry, similar to a sweater.

Use Tips

BOTTOM SUPPORT: A rigid bottom support will help keep bottles and heavy items in place and allow the bag to stand much easier in your car or on the counter. To make one, cut a piece of heavy cardboard to the size of the bottom (approximately 14 inches by 8 inches) and place it into the bag at the bottom. It also helps keep the bottom clean; when it gets worn and dirty, recycle it and replace it with a new one.

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