Organic Cotton Deluxe Reusable Canvas Grocery Bags

Organic Cotton Deluxe Reusable Canvas Grocery Bags

from 7.95
  • Available in 5 colors

  • Large size, the same as a standard paper grocery bag

  • 6 interior pop-out bottle sleeves keep tall items in place

  • Extra-wide & long fabric handles for comfortable hand and shoulder carrying

  • Heavy-duty canvas and construction for added strength & durability

  • Sold as single bags and 3 packs by each color

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These creative customer tips make our reusable Deluxe Grocery Bag with Bottle Sleeves even more enjoyable and effective to use, check it out, you won't be sorry!

Product Details

We've built in all of the best features of function and comfort into our Deluxe Grocery Bag.  These rugged bags can comfortably carry a load full of bottles or other heavy items.  Neither paper or plastic can do this!  The 6 pop-out bottle sleeves help keep tall items upright and in place or leave them empty for the full 12" x 7" X 15" tall capacity.  Heavy weight canvas fabric with extra piping and stitching will keep this durable bag in operation for many years.  The extra-wide 1.5 inch by 24 inch long handles makes carrying full loads comfortable either by hand or on the shoulder.

Made in India of durable 11 oz. organic cotton canvas, certified according to Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) for ecology & social responsibility.  Since they're made of organic cotton they bring additional benefits to the environment and our health by avoiding the highly toxic pesticides, fertilizers and processing chemicals used in regular cotton crops.  Beware of cheap synthetic fabric bags. Cotton bags are natural, sustainable and biodegradable. Polyester and Nylon are made from oil, NOT natural, NOT sustainable and NOT biodegradable.

Care Instructions

Deluxe Grocery Bags are made of heavy weight canvas and will last for many years. They are easy to care for by washing them in COLD water and flat or line drying. Color bags are prewashed during the dyeing process so the fabric is softer and shrinkage is minimal. NATURAL BAGS are unprocessed canvas so they are initially much stiffer. After the first few washes Natural bags may appear excessively wrinkled and shrunken, depending on your water hardness and laundry detergent. DON'T BE ALARMED. You can stretch them back out and reduce the wrinkles by pulling on the fabric when the bag is wet. You will be very surprised how much the canvas stretches back out, and the wrinkles recede. After stretching, fold it flat and air dry. When bags are filled with heavy loads they will also stretch out and soften, until they are "broken in". Over time the natural bags become softer, similar to the color bags. The Natural bags permanent shrinkage will be 7-10% (~1") in length and 5% (~3/4") or less in width.

Use Tips

BOTTOM SUPPORT:  A rigid bottom support will help keep bottles and heavy items in place and allow the bag to stand much easier in your car or on the counter. To make one, cut a piece of heavy cardboard to the size of the bottom (approximately 12 inches by 7 inches) and place it into the bag at the bottom. It also helps keep the bottom clean; when it gets worn and dirty, recycle it and replace it with a new one.

LOADING THE BAG:  Roll the top of the bag over about 3 inches, to the top of the bottle sleeves. This makes it much easier to fill the sleeves and bag center.

HELPING THE BAG STAND UP:  Cut two additional pieces of support cardboard (approximately 12 inches by 7 inches) and place it into the bag side sleeves.  This will provide vertical support and you can still use the sleeve for tall items.  When you don't need the extra vertical support, pull out the cardboard and place it at the bottom, with the bottom piece.

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