Organic Cotton Deluxe Reusable Canvas Grocery Bags

Organic Cotton Deluxe Reusable Canvas Grocery Bags

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  • Large size (15 x 12 x 7 in. tall) is the same as a standard paper bag

  • 6 interior pop-out bottle sleeves keep tall items in place like wine bottles, tall veggies, ect.

  • The Best in Eco-Friendliness: natural, sustainable, organic, biodegradable, reusable, recyclable, zero waste

  • Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) certified organic cotton muslin fabric for both ECOLOGY and SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY

  • Available in 5 colors - Natural Cotton, Black, Blue, Green, & Red

  • Heavy-duty construction including double stitched top hem, X stitched handles and piping stitching around exterior edges for added strength & durability

  • PACKAGING - No retail packaging to recycle or trash, orders ship in a Kraft paper clasp envelope, made of recycled paper, that can be reused

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These creative customer tips make our reusable Deluxe Grocery Bag with Bottle Sleeves even more enjoyable and effective to use, check it out, you won't be sorry!


We've built in all of the best features for function and comfort into our Deluxe Grocery Bag. These rugged bags can comfortably carry a load full of bottles or other heavy items without tearing or breaking. The 6 pop-out bottle sleeves help keep tall items upright and in place, or leave them empty for the full capacity! The extra-wide 1.5 x 24 in. long handles makes carrying comfortable either by hand or on the shoulder. The long lasting, heavy-duty construction will allow you to save paper and plastic bags for many years!

Made of heavy duty durable 11 oz. organic cotton fabric. GOTS certified for both ECOLOGY and SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY for the entire production process, including growing, harvesting, spinning yarn, weaving/knitting fabric, and sewing bags. Since they're made of organic cotton, they bring additional benefits to our health and environment by avoiding highly toxic pesticides, fertilizers, and bleaches used in regular cotton crops. Designed, packaged, and shipped in the United States, cotton grown and bags manufactured in India


Shopping Bag Bottom Support: a rigid bottom support will help keep bottles and heavy items in place, and allow the bag to stand up much easier. To make one, just cut a piece of heavy cardboard to size, 12 x 7 inches, and place it into the bottom of the bag. This also helps keep the bottom clean, when the cardboard gets worn and dirty, just recycle it and replace it with a new one


Easy to care for by machine or hand washing in COLD water and flat or line drying. Color bags are prewashed during dyeing, so the fabric is softer and shrinkage is minimal. Natural bags are organic canvas so they are initially much stiffer, but will appear loosened and shrunk after washing. You can stretch them back out and reduce wrinkles by pulling on the fabric when the bag is wet, then flat air dry. The Natural bags permanent shrinkage will be 7-10% (~1 in.) in length and 5% (~3/4 in.) in width.