World's Best Muslin Reusable Straining Bags

World's Best Muslin Reusable Straining Bags

from 3.95
Did you know some tea bags contain plastic?  Read more here


  • Set of 4; Complete Straining Bag Set – L, M, S & XS for all your straining jobs.
  • Set of 3; Brewing Set – M, S & XS sizes, ideal for cold brew coffee and loose leaf tea
  • Large 2 Pack – Great for almond milk, nut milk, yogurt and larger jobs
  • also in individual sizes


  • FABRIC -  A special 2.5 oz single-ply organic cotton muslin fabric with a relaxed woven, fine mesh construction allows the liquid to pass easier so there's a lot less work to squeeze out those last drops, yet the strained liquid is still pulp and sediment free.  Please view the enlarged photo of the fabric weave below.
  • MATERIALS - 100% GOTS certified organic components – fabric, sewing thread, draw tape & label fabric. Many bags are made of synthetic nylon or polyester fabric. Even organic cotton bags often use polyester or conventional cotton sewing threads, drawstrings and label tags.
  • PRICE & VALUE – The current top selling straining bags cost between $8.99 and $13.99 for ONE large bag.  We offer TWO large bags for $9.95 and our complete Straining Set of all 4 sizes is $13.95.
  • CONSTRUCTION – Commercial quality durable construction that will last for years.  Extra strong exterior overlock stitching prevents strained particles from getting trapped in the stitching. Round bottom prevents debris in corners.
  • CLOSURE - No drawstring tunnel to capture debris. No elastic band which is synthetic, usually polyester. We still have top closing capability with our unique draw tape that weaves through button holes, great for closing and no debris trapping.
  • VERSATILE SIZES – FOUR sizes to match the right bag for the job.
    • Large – 12x13 inches perfect for nut milk, yogurt and larger straining jobs.
    • Medium – 7x10 inches, fits over wide mouth quart and two-quart mason jars. Perfect for larger batches of cold brew coffee
    • Small – 6x 8 inches, fits over regular mouth pint and quart mason jars. Perfect for smaller batches of cold brew coffee
    • X-Small – 3.5x 5.5 inches, sized for tea pots or large cups
    • All can be used for steeping herbs & spices in soups and broths
  • PACKAGING - No retail packaging to recycle or trash, orders ship in a Kraft paper clasp envelope, made of recycled paper, that can be reused.

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Organic Cotton Muslin Reusable Straining Bags

Product Details

After nearly a year of research and testing we’ve developed the world's best straining bag family, for every straining job you can imagine.

Straining Capabilities:

  • Almond & nut milk straining
  • Cold brew coffee steeping
  • Loose leaf tea steeping
  • Kombucha steeping
  • Juice straining
  • Canning straining
  • Yogurt straining
  • Sprouting bag
  • Hop & grain (beer) bag
  • Herb & spice steeping in soups & broths
  • … and much, much more!

Care Instructions

Easy to care for by hand or machine washing them in COLD water and flat or line drying.  They are made of unprocessed fabric, never washed or bleached, so they will shrink about 10%.  DON'T BE ALARMED, we've adjusted the sizes of the medium and small bags so the opening will still fit over large and regular mouth mason jars after initial shrinkage.

Use Tips

We recommend rincing the bag in cold water before initial use.